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HVAC Estimating Software for Commercial HVAC Contractors released by Professional Estimating Systems
Published on: 2011-03-11 12:17:04

The HVAC Estimating Software released by Professional Estimating Systems LLC includes PRO-EST HVAC version 2.2: a complete sheet metal & pipe estimating software, Duct-Pro:duct (sheet metal) estimating software, Pipe-Pro: pipe estimating software, Duct-lite: reduced scope duct estimating software and Pipe-lite: reduced scope duct estimating software - all of which work on Windows 7, Vista & XP. Users can download a fully functional HVAC Estimating Software 30-day trial demo from our website or call us to mail them a CD.

"Professional Estimating Systems software products provide commercial HVAC contractors with easy to use, accurate and affordable estimating software for sheet metal and pipe estimating," said Robert Salisbury, President, Professional Estimating Systems. "Our mission is to provide commercial HVAC contractors with a 21st century estimating tool to increase their efficiency and organize jobs on their PCs with a very simple & affordable yet comprehensive product".

The software allows sheet metal and piping contractors to take off sheet metal (duct) jobs and/or piping jobs with ease and simplicity yet still provide a detailed estimate. The use of software eliminates hand calculations reducing estimating time by at least 50% and stores your estimates on the computer for future reference and easy organizing.

The HVAC estimating software has been designed to fit the needs of all commercial HVAC contractors. The sheet metal program is flexible in that shop labor can be included or excluded, and field labor can be calculated in lbs/hr or in linear feet/hour and it has a historical data feature. Sheet metal estimation also includes options for liner, duct wrap, sealer, SMACNA pressure classes, reinforcement (including Duct Mate), and accessories. The pipe program includes preinstalled piping systems and coil hook ups with the capability of adding you own piping systems and coil hook ups along with your PDF drawing of the hook up. Labor rates and material prices are adjustable on a global and job basis. The program also includes an excel spread sheet to which the sheet metal and pipe estimates can be exported. The spread sheet has areas for equipment quotes as well as items such as deliveries, start up, subcontractors, engineering, permits, sales tax, bond cost, OH&P and a great deal more. Separate software is available that is limited to sheet metal or pipe estimating.

Professional Estimating Systems is the brain child of Robert Salisbury, Mechanical Engineer, P.E. with 25+ years as President of C-AIR-S Mechanical, a mid-size commercial HVAC contractor based in Houston, TX and is joined by Mithun Baphana, USC graduate with Masters in Electrical Engineering who leads the product development and marketing.

Mithun Baphana,
M.S. Electrical Engineering, USC
Product Development & Marketing Head,
Professional Estimating Systems LLC
Cell: 323-578-4493
Office: 713-462-5232 Ext. 140

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HVAC Estimating Software for Commercial HVAC Contractors released by Professional Estimating Systems
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