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Pipe-Pro: Pipe Estimating
Duct-Pro: Sheetmetal Estimating

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  • Pipe Estimating
  • Unlimited systems and 1000 jobs
  • Demolition, shop drawings, consumables &  pressure testing
  • Coil hook ups including drawings and material list
  • Complete labor and material cost
  • Adjustable productivity and material factor
  • Excel spread sheet for recap
  • Calculates Tax, Bond and OH&P
  • Customizable
  • Historical job data
  • Print pipe and recap summaries
  • Special factors feature for changes on designated project
  • XP, Vista and Win 7 support
  • Spread sheet for common HVAC formulas
  • Printable take off forms are included.

Please click on the presentation below to see the screen shots of sheet metal (duct) estimating and pipe estimating software

Pipe Estimating Software

Pipe-Pro is our complete pipe estimating program which includes pipe and an excel recap sheet. It’s comprehensive, affordable, user friendly and flexible. It works on 32 and 64 bit processors and on windows XP, Vista and WIN 7 operating systems.

The pipe estimating portion of the program multiplies manually input quantities of pipe, valves & fittings by material prices and by labor productivity factors in hours/unit. The descriptions and material and labor factors can be input to suit your company’s requirements. The program comes with several piping types pre-installed to help you get on line more quickly and can handle 500 different piping or material types with up to 996 items per pipe type.

The material and labor descriptions and prices are pre-installed and the user has the ability to change material prices and the labor productivity factors to one of the national standards or factors that the user has developed for his company. Each system allows you to adjust the labor or material by a factor to reflect job difficulty or material price increases. The special factors feature allows you to change the price of or the labor productivity for individual items in a system and the program will revert back to the default factors on other systems in the same job and one future jobs.

Labor and material for coil hook ups is one of our features. Approximately 250 hook ups preinstalled. You are provided with a drawing of the hook up and a material list. You can install your own PDF of a piping detail, select the material to be incorporated and use it on your projects.

An Excel spread sheet has also been incorporated to which the pipe and sheet metal summaries can be exported. The spread sheet also includes areas for equipment and subcontractor costs, start up, warranty, delivery and other costs as well as sales tax, overhead and profit, and bond cost.  When you provide the tons and sq. ft. of the project, the cost of the job/ton and sq. ft. is calculated which is convenient to use as a reference and is of benefit when incorporated into historical data. The costs of sheet metal, pipe and insulation are also calculated on per ton and per sq. ft. basis.

A more complete view of the program can be obtained by downloading a demo and reviewing the input screens and help sections provided therein. Much of this same information is available in the tutorial section of this website.

Historical Data

One of our features is Historical Data. This allows you to select appropriate jobs and to save them by category and property. You actually save the sheet metal and pipe estimates along with the excel recap. There are 15 possible self defined categories such as ambulatory surgery center, hospital, school, bank etc. There are 20 self defined properties such as chilled water, hot water, electric heat and spit systems.

This allows you to do a search based on categories and properties. For instance you can select the category schools with properties chilled water, electric heat and VAV boxes. This will bring up all projects that meet these criteria which have also been designated to be a historical project. This helps in budgeting projects and serves as a quick reference and check on projects that you are estimating.


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>I would like to tell you that the latest version of ProEst has been working great in my newest laptop. As you know, I have been using this estimating program and its various upgrades for over the past 9 years. Each new version has added upgrades that make estimating easier and quicker. The spreadsheet format is great for a last overview to make sure that nothing has been overlooked prior to turning in a final bid. The ease in adapting variances in labor and materials, based on specific job nuances, really comes in handy while estimating medicaljobs. I will continue to use ProEst as my only estimating program for HVAC projects. ...
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