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Pipe-Pro: Pipe Estimating
Duct-Pro: Sheetmetal Estimating

Using the software:


1)    Select Sheetmetal when starting a new job. You could also select Pipe.
2)    Pick Job at the top of the screen after which you will select New at the bottom of the subsequent screen.
3)    Select Enter New Name on the next screen and fill in the blanks after the Job Manager screen pops up. The Job name is the only mandatory field. Click on OK at the bottom of the screen which will take you back to the mani Sheetmetal screen.
4)    Select Zone then New at the bottom of the subsequent screen and you will be prompted to enter a zone name.
5)    Below the name of the zone pick Standard Duct or Welded Duct and the default Use New Settings and click on OK at the bottom of the screen.
6)    You are now at the input selection screen giving you the option of Duct, Snaplock Pipe, Spiral/Flue Pipe, Accessory, Miscellaneous and Custom 1. For our purposes select Duct.
7)    The Sheetmetal Input screen appears and you are required to make a series of selections.
    A)    Occurances. Defaults to 1; if your estimating something that occurs more than once you can change the number to the   number of occurances and input only the quantities for one occurance.
    B)    Floor Area and Drawing Number are optional.
    C)    Gauge. Default will use the gages in the reinforcement schedule for the selected pressure class, Minimum will use the same as Default but will not use a gauge lighter than that selected and Single will make all duct the gauge that is selected.
    D)    Duct Type. The default is Sheetmetal with Ductboard being an option.
    E)    Sealer Class. None is the default with Transverse Only, and Longitudinal and Transverse being the other options.
    F)    Sealer type. None is the default with FTA Tape, and Glue and Iron Grip 601 being the other options
    G)    Duct Wrap and Duct Liner. Default for both is None with options being the product required for this zone.
    H)    Select Duct Input and the Input Screen for Ductwork will appear.

8)    At the duct input screen input the duct that you have taken off for that zone. Select Standard Duct or Ductmate prior to making any input. At this screen you can also select Help for a more detailed explanation of how to input the quantities in this screen.

9)    Select OK  at the bottom of the input screen when complete and OK again at the bottom of the sheetmetal input screen and you will return to the screen that allows you to input snaplock, spiral, etc.
10)    You can select OK or Close and you will ultimately return to the first screen in the sheetmetal program. At this point you can either select Zone, to begin another zone or Recap to view or print the project. There are also shortcuts in various screens to select Zone or Recap without having to back out all the way to the first screen.
11)    At the first screen in the sheetmetal program select Close to leave sheetmetal.


1)    You are now at the opening screen and can select Pipe to begin your piping estimate.
2)    Pick Job at the top of the screen after which you will select New at the bottom of the subsequent screen.
3)    Select Enter New Name or if you are estimating the pipe on a job for which you have just entered the sheetmetal estimate you can select Select Name From Sheetmetal jobs.
4)    Assuming you are selecting a name from the sheetmetal jobs, make the selection and select OK at the bottom of the screen.
5)    Select System and then New at the bottom of the subsequent screen and you will be prompted to enter a system name. On this screen you are required to enter a material factor which is a number greater, less than or equal to 1. If the material prices that are in the system are accurate select 1 indicating that you neither want to add to or subtract from your standard material prices. You are also required to enter a labor factor to modify your normal labor productivity factors. For instance if your numbers are from a national standard you would normally use a factor to obtain a number that more accurately represents the size or difficulty of the job. Next you will click on Pipe Selection, select the material that you are using and click OK at the bottom of the screen.
6)    After selecting OK above you will be taken back to the main PIPE screen where you will select Input, after which you will input the quantities.
7)    After completing the input select OK or System (to start another system) at the bottom of the screen. If you selected OK you will return to the main screen and can do a RECAP or use other command buttons on that screen.


1)    You can select Excel Jobs from three locations, The opening screen of the program or the main screen for either Sheetmetal or Pipe.
2)    Select Excel Jobs after you have completed the input for both Sheetmetal and Pipe. Select New at the bottom of the screen after which you will need to pick both the Sheetmetal and Pipe job that are to be the basis of this Excel Job and you will need to pick the estimator. For your first job the estimator's names will have to be added. At this point select OK.
3)    The next step will be to select Export which will put a summary of the Sheetmetal and Pipe jobs into the spread sheet. Select Open and you can begin to add to the spreadsheet your equipment and sub quotes, misc labor items, tax, bond fees, OH&P and etc. required to make a complete estimate.

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